Anise Honey


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Our Italian honeybees are in love with our ANISE HONEY. A perfect way to sweeten espresso, Queen Honeysuckle also enjoys a little drizzle over biscotti. Anise honey is a delicious glaze over lamb, grilled corn on the cob, and a beautiful supplement to chai tea. Known to be a digestif, we recommend enjoying a little anise honey after meals. Anise Honey is found with friends in our COFFEE BOX.

Flavor: Roots, Licorice, and Christmas Cookies
Aroma: Pastries, Bakery
Recommended Tea: Egyptian Licorice
Oil/Vinegar Pairing: Basil Fennel Olive Oil + Savory Tarragon Vinegar
Culinary Uses: Holiday Cookies, Coffee or Espresso, and Lamb Chops


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