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Awesome honey shop! The flavors are so creative and so delicious. I'm not sure if it was a special or an everyday thing, but I had the opportunity to taste any and all the honeys I wanted. The staff were very friendly and very knowledgeable and I felt the prices were fair. I will definitely be coming back to stock up.
Martin Moore

Love the personalized service. Who knew that tasting Honey or Olive Oil or Vinegar could be as exciting a tasting wine. They also carry Mustards, Pastas and Sauces.  They do ship nationwide.

Melissa Fray

The moment I arrived their friendly staff explained how to pair the olive oils they sell. You can mix and match what you want and they will box it up for you. They give you many ideas on how to pair their oils with what you are making for dinner. If you need some pasta or meat sauce, they have that too! I purchased some Peppermint honey while there and loved it!

John Stevens