Dark Chocolate Honey

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A guilt free way to satisfy cravings, our DARK CHOCOLATE HONEY is natures
candy. Just the right amount of decadent, use anywhere that calls for some chocolate. This sweet, rich, and creamy honey is blissful with strawberries, bananas, and other fruits. Queen Honeysuckle enjoys it with croissants and pastries, and her baristas use it sweeten and custom blend specialty coffees in the hive coffee shop. Dark chocolate honey is delicious and delicious makes you happy! Our BAKERS BOX also features our dark chocolate honey.

Flavor: Cocoa, Rich, and Whimsical

Aroma: Deep, Cacao

Recommended Tea: Minty Green

Oil/Vinegar Pairing: Cayenne Pepper Olive Oil + Blood Orange Vinegar

Culinary Uses: Brewed Coffee, Ice Cream Sundaes, Chicken Fajitas, Sliced Strawberries

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 5 in

4 oz, 8 oz

1 review for Dark Chocolate Honey

  1. John Derych, Jr

    Dark chocolate honey is like a delicacy. You only need a little bit to taste the hint of dark chocolate then, you will want more and more. The mixture of honey and dark chocolate is perfect. Wedges of apples, pears or even pineapples get elevated in taste with a drizzle of the dark chocolate honey on it. Almost any fruit will benefit. Fantastic!!

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