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Do You Have Multiple Locations? Where?

Why yes, we do! We’ve had our original honey shop-combined with savory extra virgin olive oil and more shop in Mystic, CT for quite a few years now! And as of 2019, we’ve opened our second location in wonderful Lahaska, PA. We now also have locations in Oxon Hill, MD, and will be opening more in the future. You can find locations at our “locations” tab.

Does Honey Have An Expiration

Honey is the only food that never expires!

My Jar of Honey is Hard. Is it Bad?

Your honey is good, forever! In warm weather, you can leave your jar of honey in the window sill and let Mother Nature do the work. In cooler temperatures, we recommend a warm water bath for a few minutes.

How Can I Use My Honey?

The great thing about honey is it is so versatile! Many people enjoy using honey to sweeten their tea or coffee, replace jellies on toast, or to enhance their yogurt. We also love to glaze our proteins and veggies. For more culinary uses,enjoy exploring our recipes page!

How Do Bees Make Honey?

Honey is the sweet fluid produced by honeybees from the nectar of flowers. Worker honeybees transform the floral nectar that they gather into honey by adding enzymes loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants!

What are Some Health Benefits of Honey?

Honey has many health benefits.

  • Honey is rich in phenolic acids and flavonoids, which are a source of natural antioxidants and is free of fat and cholesterol!
  • Honey has a healthy Glycemic Index (GI), meaning that its sugars can be gradually absorbed into the bloodstream to result in better digestion.We should try to avoid eating excessive high-glycemic foods which would prompt an elevated insulin release in our body as a result of the pancreas being stimulated to metabolize the sudden surge of glucose into the blood.
  • Raw Honey is the only sugar on the planet that our body does not store, so many sugar related complications do not apply to raw honey!
  • With all these antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals raw honey is a huge immune system booster.
  • A teaspoon of honey at bedtime is a natural sleep aid.
Awesome honey shop! The flavors are so creative and so delicious. I'm not sure if it was a special or an everyday thing, but I had the opportunity to taste any and all the honeys I wanted. The staff were very friendly and very knowledgeable and I felt the prices were fair. I will definitely be coming back to stock up.
Martin Moore

Love the personalized service. Who knew that tasting Honey or Olive Oil or Vinegar could be as exciting a tasting wine. They also carry Mustards, Pastas and Sauces.  They do ship nationwide.

Melissa Fray

The moment I arrived their friendly staff explained how to pair the olive oils they sell. You can mix and match what you want and they will box it up for you. They give you many ideas on how to pair their oils with what you are making for dinner. If you need some pasta or meat sauce, they have that too! I purchased some Peppermint honey while there and loved it!

John Stevens