Smoky Chipotle Honey Mustard


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Our SMOKY CHIPOTLE HONEY MUSTARD is perfect for all burgers. We love the smoky heat our CHIPOTLE HONEY provides to this recipe, all those beautiful BBQ notes that work so well with grilled vegetables and proteins. We use our TEQUILA LIME VINEGAR in this mustard recipe to introduce a bright citrus note in the midst of the heat. Beyond burgers, add some zip to your deviled eggs or egg salad, and seriously enhance your taco salad. Flavor like this keeps summer in your kitchen year long.

Check out our CHIPOTLE HONEY here. To make a mustard vinaigrette simply add our TEQUILA LIME VINEGAR.

Flavor: Sweet, Heat, Southwest

Aroma: Barbeque, Smoky

Primary Use: Chicken Wings

Oil/Vinegar Pairing: Cayenne Pepper Olive Oil + Sundried Tomato Vinegar

Additional Culinary Uses:  Grilled Sausage, Pan Seared Scallops, Baby Back Ribs, and Stuffed Peppers


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