Savory Garlic Honey Mustard

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Our GARLIC HONEY MUSTARD is big and bold, just right for your favorite sandwich or salad. We love the savory, nutty tones our GARLIC HONEY brings to the table in this mustard recipe. Toned down by our classic and clean HARVEST RIESLING VINEGAR and blended with a special blend of spices, we are proud of this mustard start to finish. Enjoy with a pretzel board,
over sausage, and as a chicken marinade.

Check out our GARLIC HONEY here. To make a mustard vinaigrette simply add a little of our HARVEST RIESLING VINEGAR.

Flavor: Garlicky, Bold, Earthy

Aroma: Classic, Savory

Primary Use: Steak Marinades

Oil/Vinegar Pairing: Garlicky Tomato Olive Oil + Harvest Riesling Vinegar

Additional Culinary Uses: Roasted Potatoes, Chicken Wings, Shrimp Cocktail, and Grilled Bratwurst

2 reviews for Savory Garlic Honey Mustard

  1. John Derych

    I purchased this fantastic mustard two weeks ago. Great on hot dogs, fantastic with crackers and or cheese. Great taste!!!

  2. Wendy

    I put this on a ham and cheese sandwich..YUMMY

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