Habanero Honey


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Such a fun way to turn up the heat, our HABANERO HONEY brings intense but approachable spice.  We love to use this as an all-natural hot sauce.  Imagine tossing some shrimp in this honey before building tacos.  Maybe add a tablespoon or two to a homemade pasta sauce.  The heat in habanero is juicy almost fruity, but high and our honey is a great addition to some spicy roasted Brussel sprouts.  A popular recipe for wings is: FIRE ROASTED TOMATO OLIVE OIL, GARLIC BALSAMIC VINEGAR, and HABANERO HONEY.  Hab is also found here with some other pantry staples in our SAVORY BOX.  For our pepper heads, introduce habanero honey to our HABANERO AVOCADO OIL and our CHILI PEPPER BALSAMIC VINEGAR for your grilled shrimp and steak tips.

Flavor: Sweet, heat, and savory
Aroma: Smooth, fiery
Recommended Tea: Lapsong Souchong
Culinary Uses: Roasted Chicken, Grilled Shrimp, and Baja Fish Tacos


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