Ginger Honey


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GINGER HONEY adds sweet spice to your green tea. We love the warm, calming qualities
of ginger coupled with our favorite herbal blends like masala chai and organic honey bush. Our ginger
honey is a beautiful addition to your stir fry, a great drizzle over sushi, and a must over shrimp skewers.
The digestive health benefits of ginger make it a great travel buddy. Ginger is also featured here in our

Ginger Honey

Flavor: Zesty, Asian, Tangy

Aroma: Sweet, Savory

Recommended Tea: Premium Green

Oil/Vinegar Pairing: Scallion Grapeseed Oil + Thai Lemon Basil Vinegar

Culinary Uses: Sticky Chicken, Seared Scallops, and Fresh Sushi


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